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You can also add darker areas of the same color to create shading. Notice where the added color is located on the bunny's body and around the ears and feet. The most common problem with shading, using any medium, is over blending. Do not apply so much color the second time that you totally eliminate the base color. If this happens, erase some of the color with a white eraser, or just darken the entire image and add MORE color to create the shading. But remember, the more color you add, the darker the item will be. Less is best until you become familiar with all the colors and the shading rules. Create a color chart, for future reference with the pencils you have, by coloring a swatch onto each corresponding square and blending the color out slightly with a Gamsol soaked Q tip. The blank chart can be found here: http://www.heartprints.net/gallery/magic/card/2552/

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